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The Ladyworks is a learning center about Digital Marketing and how it affects various businesses in this era, especially restaurant business. Learning more about it gives you advantages to deciding which platform and strategy suits on your business or your career. Founded by me, Shelly,  a digital marketer and restaurant consultant. I am thrilled to share and inspire people especially Indonesian because deeper information on the internet usually is in English. By using bilingual- English and Bahasa Indonesia, i hope it will get even easier for you to learn more about this ever-changing Digital Marketing and lucrative restaurant business or if you already have a restaurant business, i am more than happy to help you.  

What is The Ladyworks?

Are you a marketer or digital marketer in your company? Have you ever felt like you run out your good ideas for your work but your deadline is just right there so close in front of your eyes but your brain is just stuck in a traffic just like in Jakarta cannot produce any fresh ideas at the moment. Even you have tried so many times to meditate under warm shower usually works for you to gain some inspirations but somehow it doesn't help you anymore! Have you ever felt that way? Well... I tell you what, it is normal. Sometimes you will experience this ideas fatigue. There are some ways to refresh yourself and restart your brain power, by reading some inspirations and just leave out your work for a second. Keep stay tuned on this The Ladyworks' Blog is one of the ultimate tricks to keep you inspired by our high-quality contents all about Digital Marketing and Restaurant Business. If you are not a digital marketer, then you are a manager or a restaurant owner who experience the various situation in your business or maybe just want to start your restaurant business. Whoever you are and whatever situation you have, the same thing you must have the same goal to maintain and improve your profitability. The restaurant business is a lucrative business, far from a simplicity. It consists of many stakeholders: the investor, the supplier, the operational, customer, and people surroundings. Don't forget a hard reality is that many restaurants fail during their first year! However, there are plenty things to avoid the failure as long as you keep your head down and eager to learn new things. On The Ladyworks, we provide curated contents to help you to plan, start, and grow your restaurant business by merging the digital marketing strategies in it. On The Ladyworks, I also understand doing a business is not a one-man show. It takes a lot of skills and resources to keep focus on your daily goals. I am always ready if you need an additional hand to help out your restaurant business! The restaurant business is pretty much a dime business, you need to know every part of this business is valuable means you need to keep your eyes on everything. I have experiences based on previous restaurants i managed so you don't have to experience the 'downs' moment in the restaurant business. My experiences to manage some restaurants in Bali with particular cases and been a quality control for some International Restaurant Chains in Bali also with digital marketing strategies are the useful resources to avoid you to put the money on the table. Do you have any questions about digital marketing or restaurant business? Hit me up by email at [email protected]!

Learning Digital Marketing and Restaurant Business


If you're looking to improve your restaurant business performance thus you will be able to take care of anything else and get more time for yourself and your family, congrats! Because you are on the right place. There's a number of ways I can help your restaurant business successful by using my offline and online strategies. It will be curated based on your business performance and your future goals. Don't hesitate to contact me and meet me to discuss some more information. Remember, when you have a business, make sure you are ON it, not IN it so you control the business, not controlled by the business. What i can provide in order to help you to exceed your restaurant goals are consulting and training. Each strateges are based on Digital Marketing and Offline Marketing.

Digital Marketing
Bring your business to the next level by optimizing each conversion funnel or inbound methodology by digital marketing strategies that will be tailored according to your business needs. This includes Website Design and Optimization (Analytic and UX), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing,(SEM/PPC), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing.
Offline Marketing
Bring your restaurant business to the next level by optimizing each conversion funnel or inbound methodology by offline marketing strategies that will be tailored according to your business needs and goals. This includes Quality Control, Staff Training, Restaurant Branding, Customer Service Management, Customer Loyalty Program, Community Engagement, Brand Activation.

Latest Insights

Learning interesting topics in Digital Marketing and how it helps to your career and your business especially restaurant business! Never stop learning or we stop growing!

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Shelly Mahardhika
Shelly Mahardhika

Founder and Creative Director

An unshakable optimist, a digital marketer, a restaurant consultant, a foodie and a coffee's best friend, who wants to help restaurant owner to run their restaurant business profitably, and to inspire people especially Indonesian about digital marketing and how it relates to your career and other businesses.

Lidwina Hana
Lidwina Hana

Content Creator

A creative ghostwriter who had experience in various fields such as PR and Social Media in F&B industry. Interested in teaching and inspiring people, she is obsessed with education and currently she is finalizing her master degree in cultural studies and continue her passion in education to the Professor Degree.

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